2017 Summer Fitness Challenge


ArtWorks Academy students will unite as a studio this summer to become stronger dancers and performers!  We have developed a summer fitness program to help our students become stronger and have fun at the same time!


A few benefits of becoming stronger:

  • Reduced injury
  • Enhanced performance abilities
  • Increased jump height
  • Controlled and increased turns, such as pirouettes, due to stronger core
  • Improved energy level
  • Minimized gap between strength abilities and choreography demands


Important details:

  • For K-12th grade students
  • Runs June 26-August 6, 2017
  • Must complete a minimum of 36 hours of fitness/activity during the six week challenge (dance classes will count toward the total hours needed)
  • Weekly challenges posted on Facebook and Instagram
  • Fun activity events at the studio and around town (most will be FREE)
  • Power classes at the studio (free or minimal fee)
  • Students who complete 36 hours will be entered to win a prize
  • Students will track their hours and their parents will sign their form
  • Students who sign up for a summer class and the fitness challenge by Tuesday, June 27 will receive a free tank or t-shirt.
  • Students who sign up for summer classes after June 27 or those who are not able to enroll in a summer class can still participate in the Summer Fitness Challenge and purchase a t-shirt for $16 or a tank for $18.


Stretch. Sweat. Pirouette. Shirts


As mentioned above, if you sign up for a summer class and the Summer Fitness Challenge by June 27, you will receive a, “Stretch. Sweat. Pirouette” tank or t-shirt for free.  The phrase on the shirt is our motto for the summer.  If you sign up for the Summer Fitness Challenge after June 27, you can order a t-shirt for $16 or a tank for $18, if they are still available.  If you sign up by June 27, but are not enrolled in a class for the summer, you will also need to pay for a shirt.  All three colors, in both the tank and t-shirt, are available in youth and adult sizes.



How To Sign Up


To sign up for the Summer Fitness Challenge, you will log into Studio Director or create a new account if you are a new student.  When you get to the section that lists the different season options, please click on the link for, “One Day Classes and Auditions”.  You will look for June 29 on the calendar and find the Summer Fitness Challenge with your child’s age.  Please ignore that there is a time listed.  This is how we had to set it up.  We will NOT meet at that time.  After you have signed up, we will email you with further instructions on how to get your shirt and with additional information about summer activities for the challenge. 


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