At ArtWorks Academy, we believe performing provides opportunities for growth and development. Collaborating with peers teaches students the importance of teamwork, while building self-confidence. Every child has different strengths and interests and our job is to highlight those, by giving students opportunities to further their training and hone their craft.  With this in mind, we have three companies that students can be a part of.




1. Relevé Dance Company. This is our dance competition team. Students interested, must audition. Relevé Dance Company attends two-three competitions in the spring and performs at our annual dance recital. Relevé Dance Company is open to students in kindergarten-12th grade. 


2. Musical Theatre Company. This company is currently open to 3rd-12th grade students who are really passionate about musical theatre and wish to be part of a talented group of young performers. Auditions are required and students must be enrolled in Production Company to participate. Students will perform at various festivals and functions throughout the school year.


3. Production Company. This is the first company established at ArtWorks Academy. Our musical theatre students in 3rd-12th grade who are Production Company members, produce a musical each semester. To be a member, you must enroll in the company and everyone auditions for role assignment.

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